Lyrics by Amera / Music by Rolly

Blues Collusion: Clean

‘Clean’ tells the story of a broken and troubled love where the ‘victim’ in
this case, the female in the relationship, finally manages to escape the mental and
physical abuse that she suffered whilst enduring it.
The reference to ‘Clean’ is metaphoric and describes the process of the victim burying, once and for all, the negative things which she experienced during the relationship and starting afresh/‘wiping the slate clean’.
It also signifies the extent of her cries from the suffering whilst in the relationship – floods of tears – enough to wash something away.

More Informations / Credits

Written by Amera (lyrics) & Rolly (music)

Amera – vocal
Rolly – electric, acoustic and bass guitars

Recorded at Rolly’s Guitars Studio and The Mushrooms Studio Birmingham
Produced, mixed and mastered by Rolly


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